Can a New Job Title Motivate Employees? WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2015

In the current climate of pay freezes, companies are looking at alternative ways to retain and motivate their staff without giving them a pay rise. A great way to do this may be as simple as changing an employee’s job title. Although simple, the effects can be dramatic giving valued staff a boost by giving them more authority or responsibility in the way of a title.

The creation of new job titles can also help employees to feel more influential and valued within a company, however it has also raised the self importance of the common paper boy by renaming them ‘Media Distribution Officers’, and our child hood memories of the beloved dinner lady have now been replaced with the implementation of ‘Education Centre Nourishment Consultants’ serving our school lunches.

Job titles seem to be ever evolving and will incentivise staff in the short term. Long term we may be left with an array of weird and wonderful, possibly meaningless titles that leave targeting the right candidates harder for the recruiter and tough for employees looking for their next career move.

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