Do hobbies add anything to a CV? TUESDAY, 12 MAY 2015

The last piece of information to be included on your CV is hobbies, but do employers and recruiters find them useful or just a waste of valuable space that could be used to provide further work experience or qualifications?

When is it a good idea to include hobbies?
If you have interests that will add value to your application then it is a really good idea to incorporate them. For example, if you like coding or programming in your spare time and you are applying for an IT position, it adds to your skill set to include it in your CV as well as showing that you are passionate about what you do.

If you are a school leaver or someone that has limited work experience in the field you are applying for, but have out of work interests that show a level of skill or knowledge that is applicable, it will provide that additional piece of information which may be lacking from your employment history.

When not to include hobbies
Simple answer is if you don’t have any don’t include them. If you are thinking about making some up or using clichés like eating out and going to the cinema, don’t be tempted as these just limit the space available for the more important detail.

You might be surprised at how many correlating skills can be acquired from social interests, like running local sports teams for instance. Traits such as; organisation, communication and people management skills can all be obtained from this type of hobby.

How do I present the information?
Using hobbies in context rather than just a long list of pastimes will makes this section much more appealing to the reader. As with the rest of your CV make it relevant, well written and truthful – there is nothing worse than embellishing something and having to explain it later.

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