Should you send a thank you note after interview? WEDNESDAY, 01 JULY 2015

After an interview it is considered good etiquette to send a thank you note to an Employer, it should be included as part of your interview process and if you are interviewing through a recruiter then any correspondence can be sent through them on your behalf.

Why send a thank you note
If you’re considering saying thank you, then you need to understand if there are any benefits to doing so.

- It acts as a reminder to the interviewer who you are
- You can highlight a certain skill that sets you apart
- You can mention something you may have forgotten to state during interview

Should you send an email or a hand written note?
It’s completely acceptable to send an email, but if you do want to go for extra impact then a letter is fine although it will take a little longer to get there.

Things to remember

- It is a note, so keep it short a few lines is all that is needed
- Get the interviewers’ name correct. Always take a record of all the interviewers’ names
- Email is acceptable, if you want to go the extra mile then send a hand written note
- Send it as soon as possible after interview for maximum impact, ideally within 24 hours

It would be interesting to hear if you think sending a thank you note secured you your job, and if you would recommend it.






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