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Digital Marketing Salary Survey January 2020

Digital & Marketing

Digital & Marketing in detail

  • There has been a substantial increase in demand in January, but this is to be expected as December is traditionally the quietest month for hiring. If you add in the December election, then it is clear to see that there was some pent-up demand which has been actioned upon in January.
  • The number of candidates who are actively looking for roles is still only around 8% of the total talent pool.
  • There has been a significant increase in those “open to opportunities” on LinkedIn; this is a shift that is not unexpected in this sector, given that digital and marketing professionals are more likely to use the platform as part of their day to day duties.

Data Analysis

Candidate availability within the digital and marketing sector is low, with only 6.4% of candidates within the industry active in January.

Significantly, the number of marketing professionals who are “open to opportunities” on LinkedIn has increased to 12.5%; this is the highest figure for 12 months.

Job application rates have hit a two year high as confidence begins to return to the jobs market; this is likely to result in increased movement within the jobs market.


We anticipate that the demand for digital and marketing professionals will rise in the next few months; this is due to the increased numbers of applications that have been seen in January and the increasing numbers of candidates who are actively looking for new roles.

The returning candidate confidence is encouraging and not surprising given the pent-up supply of candidates who have been waiting for Brexit to be resolved.

The outlook is encouraging within the sector. We believe that the after-effects of Brexit are going to take some time to work through from a marketing perspective. Those organisations who have a significant European presence will take some time to define their marketing strategy now that there is some clarity to the economic situation.

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